BIG GAY PLAY: Interactive Gaming Wall

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Serious play was the foundation for developing this lead brand activation for Ending HIV at the Ending HIV Big Gay Out festival 2019.

In BIG GAY PLAY, players are mirrored as 2D stick avatars. Simple prompts allow players to select an HIV prevention method and create rainbow explosions as they interact with other players.

Each player's options and interactions mimic the compatibility between condoms, PrEP and U=U for preventing HIV transmission, giving event goers a new way to understand how modern HIV prevention works.

Basic user journey in steps:

  1. Approach the screen to generate an avatar.

  2. Wave arms to select one or more compatible HIV prevention tools. These show as coloured blocks that can be passed between a players' hands and crotch.

  3. With a tool or tools selected, players can interact with one onther by touching coloured blocks to create explosions of colour.

Above: Images of gameplay at Ending HIV Big Gay Out. Below: Video of gameplay testing during development.

BIG GAY PLAY was installed at the Ending HIV Big Gay Out on 10 February 2019 to overwhelming success. Over a thousand players had a turn, with active players present for almost the entire 7 hour duration of the event.

More about the Big Gay Out 2019 event in the recap video below:

Project lead: Trak Gray

Developer: Marlo San Miguel

Hardware: Big Picture (Aaron Cleland)

*HIV prevention tools include condoms, PrEP (a daily preventative medication for HIV) and U=U or undetectable viral load (viral suppression of HIV that prevents transmission).