CEO Outlook for KPMG Canada

KPMG's 2019 Canadian CEO Outlook analysed data from 1300 CEOs globally - 75 in Canada - to provide leading business insights into top priority opportunities and challenges faced by today's CEOs and their businesses.

Working as senior coordinator with the national advisory marketing team to deliver this campaign, our key focus was on keeping the insights lean. The 2019 report's page count was halved from 2018, taking it to just 16 pages, and interactive PDF navigation was added to make browsing the document more streamlined. Sample selection of pages below.

Makers of the world's strongest umbrellas, Blunt, were tasked to provide custom collateral, which we repackaged in-house with a new wrap and condensed report for physical distribution.

Finally, a digital marketing programme was implemented across Twitter and LinkedIn. This utilised the report's bright, colour-blocked design for static images and also included a series of 26 videos in French and English produced using a new video AI tool, Lumen5. This meant we could generate enough video content quickly and in-house, without having to compromise quality, or budget.

View the full campaign online at KPMG Canada.