CS1/Concept Shoe 01

CS1 is a jazzy little design concept for a shoe that transforms from high heel to a platform sandal with a simple swivel of the shoe's base. Styled after the renowned 1946 Lounge Chair Wood (lCW) by Ray and Charles Eames, CS1 mimics this chair's clean geometry and borrows molded plywood as its main material.

The design for CS1 came from exploring body augmentation is a feminist, political tool. I was delving into the work of prosthetic developers (Nick Bostrom, Hugh Herr and Bertolt Meyer), artists who work with body modification (Stelarc and ORLAN) and mid century designers, when the geometry of the Eames' work struck me for this application and proved very enjoyable to prototype.

This shoe was displayed as part of Colab's Studio 3 at Auckland University of Technology in June 2016.