Electric Queen: The Cellphone Dress

Electric Queen is an etextiles design concept and PoC prototype for a performance dress. The garment is made from recycled phones and lights up like it's taking a thousand selfies in response to audience interaction.

The brief: Design a tech-based outcome that explores the idea of object performance and is conceptually inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865).

How it works: The top part of the dress was built as a functioning prototype using recycled Samsung S6 Edge cellphones. The phones were disassembled, hand stitched to form clothing and wired with Arduino-controlled Neopixel lights behind each camera lens. The dress was programmed to light up like flashing paparazzi cameras when an audience member tweeted about the performer.

The prototype top was worn as part of a drag costume for Colab Studio 6 and hosting of the Colab Showcase Awards 2016.