Ending HIV Condom Toolbox + Trainer

Regular condoms are the correct fit for 75% of guys, which means there is a 25% chance that a condom is going to feel too tight or too loose.

As a solution, the Ending HIV Condom Toolbox + Trainer were developed.

The Ending HIV Toolbox is a collection of 12 different condoms and lube. It can be ordered online by gay and bi men, and trans people aged under 22.

The Ending HIV Trainer is a mobile web app designed to guide users through their journey trying out the different condoms.

Hosted by Jesse, the Trainer uses modular video content and user inputs to navigate through the Toolbox's many options. At the end of the Trainer journey, feedback is collected and users can place an order for 6 more of their perfect fit condom, for free.

The Ending HIV Condom Trainer is online at endinghiv.org.nz/trainer. Please be aware that this links to an educational resource featuring explicit content (nudity and sexual activity).

Project lead: Trak Gray

Web dev: Ben Parsonson (Mix Creative)