Pamoja: HIV prevention for Africans in New Zealand

New Zealand-based Africans are a diverse group of people who are disproportionately affected by HIV. Pamoja is run by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation and works with African communities in culturally appropriate ways to promote safer sex, provide education, breakdown HIV stigma and ultimately end new transmissions of HIV.

Pamoja is the result of extensive community consultation, funding drives and design work, which came together for the programme's launch in early 2018.

Pamoja includes

  • a website with key health information and portals to order free condoms and lube, and book free HIV tests.

  • social media presence across Facebook and Instagram.

  • event collateral, including condom and lube packs, posters, brochures, clothing and more.


Programme launch video:


In the community:

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Art direction and project management: Trak Gray

Community consultation: Caitlin Scott

Graphic design and website: Ben Parsonson (Mix Creative)

Photography: Russ Flatt

Video production: Chillbox